If you want to do business online and you should,  you must do 4 things. Build a good responsive site; Be found; Use Social for engaging customers and Get Mobile.

If you need further convincing, try this. 4.2 billion euros was spent online by Irish consumers in 2013.
However, only 10% of that spend went to website businesses based in Ireland.

So what’s a good site? - Pretty, simple to navigate, secure, selling & responsive. Whats that mean? Responsive website are easily viewable on ay device, so no squeezing & expanding to read.

Be found with SEO and Adwords. You can pay for search in two ways. Bid with google and advertise for searchers. Two, pay us to grow your organic rankings. Most customers do both for a time before relying in organic search alone.

Get social - Engage & involve your customers to retain them through interesting & beneficial social moderation.

Go mobile. Use SMS to increase frequency from customers & convert prospects with offers & loyalty incentives.

Be sound. Use Radio for awareness & traffic generation to site or call centre.

But most of all do something. And do it now.

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about making you more money online. It’s not that hard once you know what you’re doing.


Michael Byers – Partner