How We Work

Let’s meet up and have a chat about your business, discuss your goals and your budget. We will then develop a marketing brief together, and then go away to do some research on your business, industry sector and competitiors for you.

We will analyse your existing media assets and come back with a marketing strategy designed to give you a sales focussed presence online, across web, mobile & social channels and to an agreed budget. Remember, it’s important that visitors to your site like what they see, find the information they want & can get in contact with you easily.

If we decide to work together, and when we have your website complete, we will start the process of ensuring you are easily found online.& then start to drive traffic to your site or contact number. This will ultimately get you more sales, quickly & continuously. Our mantra is to Engage, Involve & Retain customers for our clients.

We test, learn & tweak as we go, different tactics are required for each client to reflect their market and audience. We provide monthly reviews & reports with analytics on traffic, so we can see what’s working for you & why.

It’s not rocket science, but we do it well, our clients will tell you that. So get in touch, if our site does its job, that should be easy for you to do.

Thanks for your visit.